AmTR Pre-Release 1
AmTR Pre-Release 2

The first is kind of uninteresting. I think it means we will be starting from where we left off at the end of Episode 3: In Harm's Way. So we will probably start off in the hord and telltale wont do a little time skip. That is pretty much it for that image.

The second is so much more interesting. So from the teaser at the end of Episode 3, it didn't look like it was going to be snowy yet but this image proves otherwise. So it looks like the group is moving north and there looks to be some survivor(s) that Clem and Bonnie are pointing their guns at. I see a few options for who they might be:

1) 400 Days characters that survived the hord

2) 400 Days characters that stayed at the camp

3) Nate, Leland, Eddie, Cancer survivors (basically any miscellaneous 400 Days characters)

4) A rival group (Maybe they kidnaped Sarah???)

So yeah, A those are my thoughts on these new screenshots of Episode 4: Amid the Ruins! Share your thoughts below.