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    So this is my blog about 10 things the show did better than the comics. It is pretty wildly known that the comics are considered better than the show. And people get angry that the show does things differentely and comic fanboys automatically consider that these changes are bad. I agree that the comics have done the overall story better but there are some things that the show has done better in my opinion. So yeah enjoy!

    Father Gabriel on the show is a more prominant character than he  is in the comics. So far in the show, he has been given developement in pratically every episode he's been in. In the comics, he was sort of left off to the side after the hunters were dealt with but in the show, he has been given some more time to shine.

    SO T…

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    So here are my predictions for the seventh and eighth episodes of Season 5 of The Walking Dead Tv Series...

    I am very excited that this episode will have all the groups instead of the separated group episodes we have had for the past 3 episodes. Even though I enjoyed Slabtown, Self Help, and Consumed, I think that these episodes where the group is separated work better when they show more than one group. For example, Inmates, Claimed, Alone, and Us were really good episodes because they had more than one storyline going. Anywho down to my predictions.

    Some members hold down the church while the others are on a rescue mission.

    • Rick, Daryl, Tyresse, Sasha, and Noah are on the rescue for Beth and Carol
    • Michonne, Carl, Judith, and Father Gabriel a…

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    That is telltale's twitter where you can find all this information!

    Release dates:

    8/26 PC/Mac

    8/27 Xbox 360, Playstation EU

    8/28 App Store

    Trailer :

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    I wanted to make this blog so I can see which characters are prefered by the fans. I love the game so much and it is no doubt my favourite form of The Walking Dead. Both season 1 and season 2 are very different and have different concepts. The characters and settings change alot inbetween season 1 and season 2. In the competition polls coming up, I am going to bring up different catogories and you can vote wether you liked season 1's take on it or season 2's take on it better. Let the polling begin!

    Thank you for voting!

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    Link to the trailer :


    If the episode is as good as this trailer, it might be the best episode of the season. The potential is certainly there since telltale can go anywhere with this last couple episodes. Now that the whole Carver storyline has come to an end there aren't many storylines to wrap up. And since it seems like Rebecca is going to give birth next episode, I am really interested to see where telltale is going for Episode 5, since they have to top last year's finale.

    It looks like we are getting lots of zombie killing this episode, since the trailer is basically full of zombies. And also we are going to the war memorial (where we hopefully see Christa). Sarita look…

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