So this season the producers said they will take more scenes from the comic into the series. So I'm making this blog to tell which scenes I noticed in this season. Feel free to add ones in the comments that you noticed and I'll add them to the blog with the name of who found it.

Scenes from the Comic

  1. 30 Days Without An Accident: Hershel and Rick talk about the garden, Rick notices Michonne's return. Mirrors the climax to Issue 42, but here Rick notices The Governor's impending attack.
  2. Infected:
    1. Ryan asks to Carol to watch over his kids after he is gone, mirrors the same in the comics where Allen asks Andrea to watch over his twins. 2.
    2. Tyreese finding the charred bodies of Karen and David, mirrors when Hershel found the decapitated bodies of his twin daughters Rachel and Susie in Issue 15. (GRANDMASTA)
  3. Isolation:
    1. Tyreese punches Rick from Issue 23.
    2. Rick beating Tyreese and then looking at his damaged hand is from the Issue 17. But he nearly beats Thomas to death after he tries to kill Andrea. 
    3. Hershel patching up Ricks hand, though Dale was the one who patched it up in the comics.
    4. Carol telling Rick he should talk to Tyreese.
    5. Tyreese hammering the crowd of walkers from Issue 15, but there it was in the prison's gym.
    6. The Herd appearing and the group abandoning their vehicle, though it was Rick, Carl, and Abraham in the group.
  4. Interment:No scenes adapted
  5. Live Bait:
    1. While this episode doesn't have adpated comic scenes, This episode contains scenes from The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. Including characters David Chalmers (Novel Series), Tara Chalmers (Novel Series), Lily Chalmers (though she was Tara and April's mother. Rather then the sister) 
    2. David's death after he passed away and tried bite Tara and was then killed by Phillip.
    3. Phillip choosing the name Brian mirrors the end of the Novel where Brian takes Phillip's name.
    4. Phillip seeing someone in the window of the apartment from the sreet.
  6. Dead Weight: No scenes adapted
  7. Too Far Gone:
    1. The Governor's false speech to rally his troops
    2. Hershel getting killed by the Governor
    3. Hershel getting decapitated outside of the prison (Though it was Tyrese)
    4. The Governor yelling "KILL THEM ALL!"
    5. The tank running down the prison gates.
    6. Judith's possible death.
    7. The Governor being killed by his own less known person (both named Lily)
    8. Rick telling Carl not to look back after escaping the prison assault.