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    Scenes from the Comic

    October 21, 2013 by Thejoker2508

    So this season the producers said they will take more scenes from the comic into the series. So I'm making this blog to tell which scenes I noticed in this season. Feel free to add ones in the comments that you noticed and I'll add them to the blog with the name of who found it.

    1. 30 Days Without An Accident: Hershel and Rick talk about the garden, Rick notices Michonne's return. Mirrors the climax to Issue 42, but here Rick notices The Governor's impending attack.
    2. Infected:
      1. Ryan asks to Carol to watch over his kids after he is gone, mirrors the same in the comics where Allen asks Andrea to watch over his twins. 2.
      2. Tyreese finding the charred bodies of Karen and David, mirrors when Hershel found the decapitated bodies of his twin daughters Racheā€¦

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  • Thejoker2508

    I was watching Talking Dead, and there was a question about If Merle were to return would Daryl side with is brother or the group. But my Question is If it comes to it would Daryl shoot Merle if meant saving the group ie. Carol?

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