I have a couple questions and comments reguarding atleast the second half of season 3 as well as the future of the series.

The tagline for the second half of the season was "an eye for an eye", As we can see by the finale, Rick didnt lose his hand, carl didn't lose his eye, the governor certainly did not get even. Other than Andrea's death (which I am so pleased about, she was my least favorite character across all Walking Dead media outlets) I didnt really see anyway the governor came out on top. Maybe i'm looking way to into it, and "an eye for an eye" was nothing more than AMC's failed attempt at a witty marketing gimick. Did anyone pick up on anything from the second half of the season that could further back up the whole tagline thing?

Secondly now that Andrea's dead, which I am beyond excited about; now Andrea doesnt get to seem like a slut for hooking up with every major male character in the series. (As it is known that, in the comic Andrea and Rick are now a couple.) I think that it is possible that Karen may or even Michonne at some point become a love interest for Rick.

Adding onto that Season 4 will focus more on character development, Seeing how Ricks group even without all the women, children. and old folks that have been taken from Woodbury, they out number The Govenor 8 to 3, I can only see the Governor storyline going down maybe 3 routes, 1st of which is that season 4 starts perhaps a few weeks later, and the Governor has just completly cracked, maybe even killing Martinez and tolken black woodbury guard number whatever, and thats pretty much it for the governor. -Which would be a terrible start to the season I think. The second route is that the governor managed to team up with another group perhaps the scavengers/cannibals and takes on the prison again. But I find that pretty unlikely. The 3rd route is that the Governor is still taking on RIck, but im really just not sure how, it seems like the governor really screwed himself over when he gunned down all of his able bodied people. How do you think he can recover?