So as i'm sure everyone is well aware, in the comics Rick during the prison arc in the comics gets his hand cut off by the governor. This is due to the governor thinking that Rick has been bit. But in actuallity it was wrapped because he injured it after beating up Thomas Richards. 

As of last nights episode Isolation, Rick has finally injured his hand, in addition to the governor still being alive.

Kirkman, has stated that he was annoyed for Cutting off Ricks hand so soon in the comics, because it caused issues for writing stories later on.

Also, maybe it's because The show is trying to cut back their expenses, or maybe because Hershel might die soon, but the show stopped showing amputations via cgi, opting for prosetetics. I doubt if they do cut off Ricks hand that we would get a prostetic like Merles.

What do you think? Will Ricks hand be coming off soon?