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  • Thejkoenigs

    So I was curious as to if there had been any other actors who had been considered to play Rick Grimes, or if Andy Lincoln had always been the first choice. Turns out that Thomas Jane, who you may recall as Frank Castle in the Punisher was actually the first choice. Normally when you think about possible actors and you enjoy a particular character its almost I think a given that you like the decision made. Although A

    ndy Lincoln plays a great Rick, atleast in the tv show, part of me thinks that Thomas Jane would have been pretty great, and maybe been more faithful to the comics. Turns out many of the actors in walking dead had already worked with Tom in "The Mist". Laurie Holden (Andrea), Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale), and Melissa McBride (Carol). A…

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  • Thejkoenigs

    So as i'm sure everyone is well aware, in the comics Rick during the prison arc in the comics gets his hand cut off by the governor. This is due to the governor thinking that Rick has been bit. But in actuallity it was wrapped because he injured it after beating up Thomas Richards. 

    As of last nights episode Isolation, Rick has finally injured his hand, in addition to the governor still being alive.

    Kirkman, has stated that he was annoyed for Cutting off Ricks hand so soon in the comics, because it caused issues for writing stories later on.

    Also, maybe it's because The show is trying to cut back their expenses, or maybe because Hershel might die soon, but the show stopped showing amputations via cgi, opting for prosetetics. I doubt if they d…

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  • Thejkoenigs

    Had to watch the episode a couple times to be certain. But im almost positive that the comic on top that michonne gives carl is actually issue 100 from the walking dead. the variant cover with rick and michonne standing over some zombies. If you can watch the episode in hd, try looking it over.

    What do you think?

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  • Thejkoenigs

    I have a couple questions and comments reguarding atleast the second half of season 3 as well as the future of the series.

    The tagline for the second half of the season was "an eye for an eye", As we can see by the finale, Rick didnt lose his hand, carl didn't lose his eye, the governor certainly did not get even. Other than Andrea's death (which I am so pleased about, she was my least favorite character across all Walking Dead media outlets) I didnt really see anyway the governor came out on top. Maybe i'm looking way to into it, and "an eye for an eye" was nothing more than AMC's failed attempt at a witty marketing gimick. Did anyone pick up on anything from the second half of the season that could further back up the whole tagline thing? …

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  • Thejkoenigs

    I continually find myself hitting up the walking dead wikia after every episode/ issue comes out. Partly because I always want to check out the trivia for each character/issue/episode, to see if theres something that I didnt realize. More so recenty Ive been reading up on each character and seeing how they differ from their comic/tv persona. 

    For example I find Season 3 TV Rick hitting much closer to how Post issue 100 Rick acts. I would personally compare comic Rick currently as similar to the TV show governor and Negan being the man Rick could become.

    I guess what I am proposing, if its not somewhere on this wikia already. Is a side by side comparison chart with some sort of timeline for characters, either as new articles or on the charact…

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