Now I don't read The Walking Dead by the Compendiums, but by the trade paperback novels. There are currently two Comendiums out right now and if you read the comic monthly then we're just getting into the third chapter out of the eight total that will make up Compendium #3. My question is which Compendium story arc do you like more? There's def a different feel to each chunk of TWD story. From the first half of the story(which is the beginning up to The Prison Attack) from the second half of the story(which is Post Prison attack up to the first meeting at The Hilltop) to the story they're just getting into now which is The Savior's story. Even though the Savior's story has only just started as of last year I feel like TWD is at a peak now as far as story goes. I know some people are complaining about The Savior's story just being a re-hashed version of The Woodbury/Prison story(which I totally disagree with) but I feel right now I'm more invested in the series than I've ever been(which i didn't think was possible). Anyone have any opinions? What is your favorite section of TWD?