I recently came across an interview with actor Chad L. Coleman(Tyreese) where he said he thinks a Walking Dead movie could def happen down the road. He doesn't 100% confirm this, but simply states that he believes it could def happen. The link is here. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/USSENTERPRISE/news/?a=79525

Now I'm sure we've all seen the cover for issue #113 which comes out this August where it shows Jesus getting into a little hand-to-hand combat with numerous members of The Saviors. Could this be Jesus' death issue? Not all covers imply what goes on in the issue, but lately they seem to be(aside from issue 103. Negan never hit Rick with Lucille like the cover implied).

My point of the blog is this: Do you really see a Walking Dead movie down the road? I'm torn whether or not it could work or if a movie is even necessary. And your thoughts about the #113 cover? Is Jesus' days numbered? Or is this just a metaphorical cover showing the war and battles that will no doubt go down soon?