I remember being SO stoked for The Rise of the Governor novel. One thing I wanted more of in the comics was a little more back story on The Governor and the early days of Woodbury. Then the end came and Philip Blake was shot in the back with a shotgun courtesy of Nick Parsons and died. I remember thinking, "What...the...fuccccckkkkk??" Then at the end of the story when Brian had his "Outer Body Experience" and shot down Gavin cause "That's what big brother Phil would of done" really threw me a swerve. Then at the end he simply tells Martinez his name is Philip. Did anyone here kinda not like that ending or found it weird? After reading The Road to Woodbury I got over it and just learned to live with it. Plus I enjoyed the second book WAY more than the first. But I do admit I did not see that twist at the end coming. I found it a litle odd and hard to grasp how he went from being a weak little pussy to this Meglaomaniac that is The Governor.