I know it's WAY to early to really speculate things, and I hate doing so with such little info yet but I wanted to. Since the first showing of Ezekiel's Kingdom in issue #108 I got the thinking: "What if after the whole Negan story(however and whenever it goes down) all the groups form one large community?"

I have a feeling at least one community is gonna fall during all this. If I had to guess I'd say The Hilltop. So what if they all merged together? Like The Hilltop, The Kingdom & Alexandria all decide that strength in numbers is the best way to ultimatley survive and all ban together. Now I don't think any of the safe zones have enough space to house every single member of all three communities(I'd guess roughly around 350 total survivors between all three groups) so they'd most likely have to all find a much larger saze zone. Which brings me to a point I made in a blog about a week ago: A Zoo.

If all these communites are in the surrounding Washington D.C. area why not go to the Smithsonian's National Zoo in DC? It makes total sense. It's fuckin huge. It has tons of living space, plenty of areas for growing crops(I read this place has 163 acres of property),most likely a room with tons of first aid in case of an animal attack, and it has fences to keep the animals in and people out. I originally thought The Kingdom was in fact a Zoo since Ezekiel had a tiger, and once Jesus name dropped The Kingdom in issue #108 I thought, "Animal Kingdom?". But it was a High School. I truely believe this is a perfect safe zone for humans and it's more than big enough to house all three communites if something bad happened in the upcoming issues. Plus it'd be a sweet story arc with all the different leaders now forced to live together. Obviously egos and ideals would clash. Anybody have any thoughts? You agree/disagree? I personally think this would be pretty interesting and potentially very awesome to possibly see oneday. I've always been a big fan of how Kirkman shows different groups and how they create saze zones: The Prison, Woodbury, Alexandria, The Hilltop, The Sanctuary & The Kingdom. Why not a Zoo?