I've been thinking about this quite a lot as of late: How will the confrontation with Negan go down? I think a lot of us are expecting a huge fire fight with Rick's people, The Hilltop & The Kingdom all banning together and storming The Sanctuary. I know people refer to it as The Savior's Base, but I personally think The Sanctuary has a better ring to it. I've been thinking more and more and with the recent covers for issues 111 & 112 being put up, I think shit is gonna crumble. At first I thought all 3 communties joining together to take down Negan would make sense, but with Kal most likely running to Negan to rat everyone out, I think Negan is once AGAIN gonna get 1 up over Rick and everyone resulting in at least 1 major death. With the blood on Negan's knife in issue 111 & 112 I have a feeling either he kills Michonne, or Shiva. Now Shiva wouldnt be considered a major death, but what a message it would be to Ezekiel and everyone else if Negan just straight up stabbed Shiva to death? I'm most likely wrong, just wanted to get everyone elses's opinion. I think Kirkman is gonna swerve us big time in the upcoming issues.