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How in the world do you adapt Negan in TWD Show?

I was thinking the other day after I was re-capping the events of issue #113 in my head:

How in the hell are Kirkman & AMC gonna bring Negan into the show and still give him justice? He's the most foul mouthed, sadistic and evil character in the comic by far. I mean AMC even watered down The Governor for the show a bit(but still kept him as a evil/scary character). But this is Negan we're talking about. I have no idea how you bring him into the show without heavily watering his character down to the point where his tv show counterpart is kind of a joke. How do you dodge the constant "F" bombs and sexual jokes he makes without making it seem weird or goofy? I feel we won't get the true Negan from the comic.

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