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  • The governor721

    Uuuuuhhhhhh...I just read this so I'm still in utter shock....A NEW WALKING DEAD SPIN OFF SHOW DEBUTS IN 2015!!! Read the interview in the link below with Robert Kirkman. Now excuse me while I go shit my britches.


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  • The governor721

    Here's a really interesting interview I found where Kirkman dishes out some tidbits about the upcoming All Out War story arc. Enjoy!!


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  • The governor721

    I was thinking the other day after I was re-capping the events of issue #113 in my head:

    How in the hell are Kirkman & AMC gonna bring Negan into the show and still give him justice? He's the most foul mouthed, sadistic and evil character in the comic by far. I mean AMC even watered down The Governor for the show a bit(but still kept him as a evil/scary character). But this is Negan we're talking about. I have no idea how you bring him into the show without heavily watering his character down to the point where his tv show counterpart is kind of a joke. How do you dodge the constant "F" bombs and sexual jokes he makes without making it seem weird or goofy? I feel we won't get the true Negan from the comic.

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  • The governor721

    Did anyone else notice in episode 2.02 Bloodletting when Daryl is going through Merle's bag of drugs that there's a bag of Blue Sky meth from Breaking Bad?


    It was also confirmed by Gilligan in the bonus segment of Talking Bad that aired for the mid season premiere. The producers called him and asked to use their Blue Sky meth in a scene and they actually sent them real prop meth from the show. Pretty badass I must say.

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  • The governor721

    I recently came across an interview with actor Chad L. Coleman(Tyreese) where he said he thinks a Walking Dead movie could def happen down the road. He doesn't 100% confirm this, but simply states that he believes it could def happen. The link is here. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/USSENTERPRISE/news/?a=79525

    Now I'm sure we've all seen the cover for issue #113 which comes out this August where it shows Jesus getting into a little hand-to-hand combat with numerous members of The Saviors. Could this be Jesus' death issue? Not all covers imply what goes on in the issue, but lately they seem to be(aside from issue 103. Negan never hit Rick with Lucille like the cover implied).

    My point of the blog is this: Do you really see a Walking D…

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