sorry for copying jaga i just realized i had a bunch of stuff i really wanted to rant about

So... Let's Rant About Season 7

First off, like most people, I straight up hated most of Season 7. This might be coming off a little biased, since I'm not the biggest fan of The Walking Dead TV Show, but it comes off pretty obvious that the writers clearly don't care. You have badly written dialouge, mixed in with terrible casted actors, along with overrated characters, and all the filler you could possibly get for a TV show. 

Okay, I'll start with what I actually liked about the season - that'll be way easier to get through.

Okay, admitedly, I really enjoyed Maggie's character this season. They followed along the comic plotline - which is smart, and important for Maggie.

I also see something special in Rosita's character that could become really great, and I enjoyed how they managed to throw the spotlight on a minor character rather than constantly shoving Daryl up our assholes.

Oh, and I enjoyed the scenes from the finale but really by itself, and not as part of the show.

Now for everything else...

Let's just start from the beginning.

The first episode shouldn't have happened if they just avoided that douche baggery cliffhanger at the end of season 6. All the extra filler that happened in that episode did not matter. Then you get the next few episodes. The Well, the Cell, the "could have been fit into one episode" episodes. I mean, I use this reference a lot, but just LOOK at Game of Thrones. TAKE NOTES. They don't spend an entire hour long episode in one location, and have all this unnessecary filler. I mean, even in the "Battle of the Bastards" episode  (which was a huge "battle episode", basically) they focused on BOTH Daenerys and Jon, where basically two gigantic moments happened in one episode. Meanwhile, in The Walking Dead, we get to watch Tara, who is plastic enough of a character, for an ENTIRE HOUR. ONE HOUR. Sure, later on Oceanside did matter, but that didn't mean that we needed an entire hour of filler for it.

And stop being pissed about Rosita getting Olivia killed. Sure, she did recklessly cause the death of another person, but come on. Did any of us really care about Olivia?

"Unehgh, she had a lot of potential as a character" shut up.

Then you get the next few episodes, which all could have, again, been put into one episode.

Honestly, I'm just done with ranting. The filler this season was ridiculously bad. Feel that that should sum up my point enough.