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  • TheZildjman

    So, I know everyone is probably sick of all the summaries and predictions going on already, but I feel the need to share my thoughts and other crap about each issue. (It's one of the ways I can feed my walking dead addiction). Anyways, I hope you enjoy my thoughts.

      • issue 113 spoilers!!**

    Now this was a good issue. As soon as I saw Connor coming, I knew it was a fight to the death. I just didn't expect things to go so poorly for Andrea (even though she did win). I feel like the events happening to Rick were just thrown in there to make us have to wait to get to the next pages of Andrea. Of course, even though the pages with Negan were still highly awesome, I felt the real excitement was in the bell tower. The whole fight was well done, and it…

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  • TheZildjman


    So after that total fail of an ambush at the end of the issue. What do you think will be the response of the saviors? Quoting Negan at the end of the issue, "you're fucking fucked, you stupid fucker." Do you think this is where Negan lashes out? Those patches coming recently promoting All Out War have Ricks group as the "Survivors", and to "Alexandria Safe-Zone". Does this mean that ASZ is gone even before All Out War begins? I believe so. I think Rick may have just pushed Negan over the edge last issue and started the assault. After issue 113, I think the members of ASZ are either going to be dead or on the run. This is my speculation. What do you guys think what will happen during the rest of the build up to All…

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