So a couple of nights ago, I remember people debating certain character's statuses. (Terry St. John being unknown, Vernon being dead, etc.) Now, I know many of you are sick and tired of seeing the same debates, so I decided to develop a simple Character Status Questionare that should help fix things and prevent further debates.

1. Did the character "die?"

  • Yes (Continue)
  • No (Alive)
  • Zombie (Undead)

2. Was the death onscreen? (i.e. character killed onscreen/character's corpse was seen, not character being swarmed/character left behind.)

  • Yes (Dead)
  • No (Continue)

3. Was the death mentioned? (i.e. "[Insert Character Here] died!" not "We lost [Insert Character Here].")

  • Yes (Dead)
  • No (Continue)

4. Was the death confirmed? (From reputable sources, not from a random fan blog or something.)

  • Yes (Dead)
  • No (Unknown)

5. (Applies to infected* characters only) Was the character's brain destroyed before reanimation?

  • Yes (Dead)
  • No (Undead)

  • = Infected characters being characters who were bitten, scratched, etc. and are showing symptoms of turning.

Hopefully this questionare would be used in the future to end edit wars and speculation.

TheWalkingEd (talk) 17:17, April 13, 2014 (UTC)