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    So a couple of nights ago, I remember people debating certain character's statuses. (Terry St. John being unknown, Vernon being dead, etc.) Now, I know many of you are sick and tired of seeing the same debates, so I decided to develop a simple Character Status Questionare that should help fix things and prevent further debates.

    1. Did the character "die?"

    • Yes (Continue)
    • No (Alive)
    • Zombie (Undead)

    2. Was the death onscreen? (i.e. character killed onscreen/character's corpse was seen, not character being swarmed/character left behind.)

    • Yes (Dead)
    • No (Continue)

    3. Was the death mentioned? (i.e. "[Insert Character Here] died!" not "We lost [Insert Character Here].")

    • Yes (Dead)
    • No (Continue)

    4. Was the death confirmed? (From reputable sources, not from a random…

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