Will Rick lose his hand in Season 4 to the Governor? Hey guys im pretty sure you have seen these pics of Rick that have been leaked. Well these pics defeat to topic of him losing his hand SOMEWHAT! My opinion is that his hand is just cut up or badly burned. I also read what a user said and his point about these pics where that if rick was to lose his hand in show they would not just wrap a bandage around his hand. They would wrap tape around his forearm and edit his hand out.

Also i think Rick will keep his hand throughout the TV show because of one main reason. Merle is the reason he will keep his hand. Writers brought Merle to The Walking Dead TV show to be apart of a huge storyline in the comics(Rick losing his hand). But after all of this we really do not know what the faith of Rick's right hand is. 

So that is what i want you guys to answer in the comments. What do you think happened to Rick's hand, and Will Rick lose his hand why or why not.

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