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Will Daryl Die?

TWD Season 4 Will Daryl Die?-002:08

TWD Season 4 Will Daryl Die?-0

What do you think will happen to Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 4

Im wondering if Daryl's time is coming to a end leave what you think his future holds in Season 4.

(If you are one of those die hard i want Daryl to fucking die already this video is for you.

Wow its been a few days since i uploaded this and im glad you guys love it. If You Walking Dead fans love my post do yourself a favor and check out my Youtube page it is the same as my account name TheWalkingDrew. actually If you follow this video i posted it will lead to it. I am having problems with the ammount of times i can post a week on here, so my channel has really cool topics that will be only on Youtube. Anyways have a nice day.

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