Well First off let me say thanks for the feedback on my first blog post ever (Will Daryl Die?) i had a good time reading what you guys had to say. Anyways this post is wondering what do you guys feel will strongly happen in Season 4. Here are the facts we already know

  1. Beth, Sasha, and Tyreese have joined the main cast
  2. 16 episodes 
  3. Rick and Carl relationship will be central focus
  4. Bob Stookey is joining the show
  5. The war will be a thing
  6. Big Spots?
  7. It is rumored that a plane will crash on set

So trying to wrap this up just leave in the comments what you honestly think will happen in Season 4, and check out this video for mo
TWD Season 4 What We Know04:55

TWD Season 4 What We Know

re of an understanding of what we know and make sure to leave a like on the vid if you liked it.

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