Lets be honest here everything has an expiration date besides honey. Anyways I hope that quote caught your eye! The Walking Dead has been my favorite hobby for the past few years, it will also remain that way. So I have been reading that Rick will die around issue 300. I have read this on a few websites so I think this is somewhat right. Anyways If Rick was to die and the series was to just continue for a few more years, I feel as if I would lose complete intrest in The Walking Dead to a point wereI would dropit forever......... Nah I take that back I will always LOVE the Walking Dead. So here lies my question. What would have to be done in The Walking Dead to make you leave it for good. This is for both comics and TV series 


For more information about The Walking Dead click here ---> http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWalkingDrew/videos 


This Would Make Me love The Walking Dead More!