This is going to be my first blog i have ever made, dont expect anything amazing.

In this blog ill be speculating about which character i think is going to have a big character death which will affect all the viewers of The Walking Dead. Ill be doing each character at a time and stating if i think they will die or not.....

Rick: this is how i see it, if they kill of rick so early into the series im afraid it will end. The Walking Dead will basically not be the same even if they introduce new characters which have an affect on the viewers. So my prediction is that they will not kill Rick at this point in the season and maybe not at all...

Carl: We see at the end of season 4 mid break ( Sneak peek ) Carl is assisting Rick after the big battle with the Governor at the prison. Rick is seen to be unconscious laying on a bed/couch gasting for air. So killing Carl is basically saying good bye to Rick. In the future of the series we could see Carl grow up into an adult and take over his fathers foot steps within the show. So meaning he is still young at this stage but in the future he will grow and turn into an adult.  So my prediction is they will not kill of Carl.

Daryl: If killing of Daryl lets them get the most views they have ever had on one episode isnt worth risking the amount of viewers the show would lose after that. We have heard rumours of a big character death in season 4, but this character doesnt die in the comics so it obviously cannot be Daryl. So my prediction is they will not kill Daryl off the show.

Glen: Since we heard rumours about a character who doesn't die in the comics will die in the T.V series, we're save to say Glen is save. I know these are only rumours but they seem real. My prediction is Glen will be save and not killed.

Michonne: We have all reached out and started to love michonne over the past 2 seasons! Killing her off this early would be saying goodbye to many fans. We need these types of characters who certainly kick ass all the time for the viewers pleasure. My prediction is she will not die.

Bob: Such a new character, us has the viewers want a lot of character development so we have feelings if something goes wrong with a certain character.

Carol:  So we havent heard anything or seen anything to do with Carol, but i think she's safe. She has great hunting and can defending skills to help her through it. There has been rumours she meets up with Tyreese, Lizzy and Mica. This might not turn out good because we supposibly know she killed Karren and David (Not 100% sure, maybe covering for someone) So im thinking it could be Carol....Not 100% sure.

Maggie: Ok.... so this one is tough. Maggie does not die in the comics which means she has a big possibility in dieing in the second half of season 4. Maggie tries to commit suicide after the death of her father Hershel ( In the comics ) and doesnt succeed. So maybe AMC will go the same rout and kill her off like that, im assuming they wont but who really knows? So my prediction is that Maggie will be the ' Big ' character death in the T.V series.

Tyreese: (Dies in the comics, so he is safe)

Judith: (Safe with tyreese)

Sasha:  (Definetly safe with Bob.)

These are the main character of the group so further predictions for the people from woodbury and Morgan will be uploaded soon, thanks for reading!