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  • TheWaklingDane

    Sorry, I know this is my second blog in less than an hour, Im just happy to have found a place where i can talk about ALL forms of TWD without people bitching.

    But yeah, I for one hope it is kind of the same, they get to Tavias place, settle in, and then deal with walkers and other Humans, and then a war happens. Some comic fans will no doubt complain about it being unorigonal, but i personaly would love it.

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  • TheWaklingDane

    Would you like to be a Rick Grimes? Leader of a large group, making all the calls and taking the blame if they go wrong?

    Perhaps you would like to be a Lee Everette? Part of a smaller group and left in charge of a young life?

    Or would you like to be a lone wolf Like michonne or Jesus? ( before they join respective groups ) wandering around in the ZA, doing badass stuff and helping people you come across.

    Mabey you are a Negan? Big powerful guy, strikes fear into people, out and out pshyco

    Forget what you REALLY are, this is about what you would LIKE to be.

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