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2013 UWA nominations

TheSamBuckley™ here, bringing you the 2013 User Wiki Awards, the third, final, and very special User Awards for 2013! Special thanks to ThatGuyWhoLikesTWD (Zach) for giving me the privilege to host this. Additional thanks to WalkerMaimer (Vince) for consulting.

At this point, no more users are to be nominated, all the following categories are now closed.


Best User Page Breakout Page Awesome User
Most Wiki Activity Wisest User Friendliest User
Biggest Walking Dead Fan Most Approachable User Best Avatar
Best Ranter Funniest User Best Blog Presenter
Best Source Finder Best Username Most Helpful User
Best Janitor Best Comic Reader Best Television Viewer
Best Video Gamer Best Photographer Best Chat Moderator
Best Overall Staff Member Best Contributing User Most Active User

Best User Page (Closed)
The user with the most eye-catching and user friendly page.
Previous winner(s): TheSamBuckley, WalkerMaimer

Breakout Page (Closed)
The user who shows much potential in becoming an elite contributor.
Previous winner(s): GRANDMASTA, WalkerMaimer

Awesome User (Closed)
The user who shows pure awesomeness towards his/her fellow contributors.
Previous winner(s): TheWalkingDrew, WalkerMaimer

Most Wiki Activity (Closed)
The user who has showed much activity on this wiki.
Previous winner(s): Axel TWD, TheSamBuckley

Wisest User (Closed)
The user who is wise and judicious in every tough call or situation.
Previous winner(s): Axel TWD, Mistertrouble189

Friendliest User (Closed)
The user who is pleasant and friendly towards other users.
Previous winner(s): WalkerMaimer, Cheria

Biggest Walking Dead Fan (Closed)
The user who clearly showcases his/her obsession in every medium of The Walking Dead.
Previous winner(s): ThatGuyWhoLikesTWD, GhostWolf716

Most Approachable User (Closed)
The user who welcomes and entertains fellow users without fail.
Previous winner(s): Axel TWD, Lucas Tg

Best Avatar (Closed)
The user with the most eye-catching avatar.
Previous winner(s): GhostWolf716

Best Ranter (Closed)
The user who has shown rough, but honest attitude towards others.
Previous winner(s): Gravelord

Funniest User (Closed)
The user who makes others crack a smile and laugh.
Previous winner(s): Pops Capo

Best Blog Presenter (Closed)
The user who creates presentable blogs.
Previous winner(s): WalkerMaimer

Best Source Finder (Closed)
The user who gives fresh information in any medium of The Walking Dead.
Previous winner(s): TheSamBuckley

Best Username (Closed)
The user with a good and recognizable username.

Most Helpful User (Closed)
The user who is helpful and supportive to other users.

Best Janitor (Closed)
The user who keeps articles clean from vandals, coding errors, and grammars.
(Janitors only)

Best Comic Reader (Closed)
The user who keeps articles related to Image Comics' The Walking Dead updated.
(Comic Readers only)

Best Television Viewer (Closed)
The user who keeps articles related to AMC's The Walking Dead updated.
(Television Viewers only)

Best Video Gamer (Closed)
The user who keeps articles related to Telltale Games' The Walking Dead updated.
(Video Gamers only)

Best Photographer (Closed)
The user who captures and uploads images with great quality.
(Photographers only)
Previous winner(s): RazorWolfz, Rick123Axel

Best Chat Moderator (Closed)
The user who appears daily and regularly monitors chat.
(Chat Moderators only)

Best Overall Staff Member (Closed)
The user who has shown pure responsibility as a staff member on this wiki.

Best Contributing User (Closed)
The user who makes satisfying and appreciated edits on the wiki.

Most Active User (Closed)
The user who has been very active on this wiki.