The best thing about The Walking Dead has to be the dynamic characters that were invented and the amazing stories and arcs that are unfolded from them.

Robert Kirkman wrote an amazing ensemble of characters in his comic series. From the ragtag band of survivors dwelling outside of Atlanta to the glorious civilization that is the Kingdom.

The comic series has not diminished in its creative cast. From the humble pizza delivery man, Glenn to the eccentric "King" Ezekiel. From the mysterious Michonne to the Sadistic Governor, we see people that are not only exciting and different but also charming and relatable.

The TV show, which is based off the series, helps bring them to life in a whole new way. We see the way Shane slowly spirals into the killer that makes him want to take Ricks life to the way Carl matures from a needy child to a man of his own.

The question I have for this wiki is which version of each character do you prefer.

For example:

I think Maggie Greene from TV is better and more fleshed out than her comic counterpart.

Here are some of my humble opinions: Rick- Comic Andrea- Comic Tyreese- Comic Glenn- TV Maggie- TV Michonne- Comic at first, but I like her a lot more since "Clear" Hershel- TV Dale-TV Lori- comics but season 3 could have been promising for her The governor- he's not done yet but TV Morgan- Tv by a long shot Axel- Tv Carol- BEST TV character when compared to comic counterpart Let me know if I forgot any and please share your opinions