I just re read the conclusion to Fear the Hunters and we see vaguely that Rick, Andrea, Abe, and Michonne kill the hunters in a gruesome way. Rick even says how he "smashed their skulls" and "mutilated them" while the others were forced to watch. Robert kirkman is excellent at writing and by choosing not to show what they did to the hunters I feel like it further emphasizes a moral grey area that they are in. Similar to how the governor is not seen raping Michonne, because that is a bad guy doing it but when we see Michonne torturing him it is because she's a good guy. So since they didn't show what they did to the hunters it kind of makes them seem like the bad guy. Also "Fear the Hunters" could be an double meaning as to fear what they are becoming. And it's a coincidence that dale, the moral compass dies when they do their least moral act. And we shouldn't be quick to bash Gabriel either. Rick did the right thing by killing the hunters but to mutilate them instead of a quick execution? That makes them seem to be on an animal level and to a stranger I can see how that rubbed him the wrong way. Because something like this could've been a catalyst to an evil Rick. It's good that dales virtues rubbed off on him. What are your thoughts? Sorry there isn't a direct question but feel free to respond however you want, I can take criticism. And if you want me to continually examine the comics I will without hesitation