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  • TheRoamer

    I just re read the conclusion to Fear the Hunters and we see vaguely that Rick, Andrea, Abe, and Michonne kill the hunters in a gruesome way. Rick even says how he "smashed their skulls" and "mutilated them" while the others were forced to watch. Robert kirkman is excellent at writing and by choosing not to show what they did to the hunters I feel like it further emphasizes a moral grey area that they are in. Similar to how the governor is not seen raping Michonne, because that is a bad guy doing it but when we see Michonne torturing him it is because she's a good guy. So since they didn't show what they did to the hunters it kind of makes them seem like the bad guy. Also "Fear the Hunters" could be an double meaning as to fear what they…

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  • TheRoamer

    After rereading A Larger World, something came to mind. When Ethan returned to the Hilltop and stabbed Gregory as a "message", what was the point? Intimidation is what I thought at first but now that we've seen Negan interact with Rick it seemed very out of character for him to randomly try to murder Gregory, the leader of the community that is complying with his demands. Perhaps they weren't meeting their quota but it seemed like they had enough food for them considering they were able to give rick a van full of goods. Another possibility is that he has no respect for Gregory, similar to how he killed spencer. His respect for rick exceeds that of Gregory and maybe that is why he almost killed him. But Negan isn't stupid enough to kill Gr…

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  • TheRoamer

    The best thing about The Walking Dead has to be the dynamic characters that were invented and the amazing stories and arcs that are unfolded from them.

    Robert Kirkman wrote an amazing ensemble of characters in his comic series. From the ragtag band of survivors dwelling outside of Atlanta to the glorious civilization that is the Kingdom.

    The comic series has not diminished in its creative cast. From the humble pizza delivery man, Glenn to the eccentric "King" Ezekiel. From the mysterious Michonne to the Sadistic Governor, we see people that are not only exciting and different but also charming and relatable.

    The TV show, which is based off the series, helps bring them to life in a whole new way. We see the way Shane slowly spirals into the ki…

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  • TheRoamer

    Which characters have given you a bad first impression and then became a favorite? Ex. Andrea, Herschell, Daryl

    Which characters have given you a good first impression then become annoying? Ex. Lori,

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  • TheRoamer

    Issue 100 Next to Die

    June 19, 2012 by TheRoamer

    Alright so we know that issue 100 is coming up and everyone can expect another issue 48. But even if this doesn't happen, some people are definitly going to die. Who do you think is next to die?

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