Hear me out. I don't think we will see the Hunters this Season. Ok, now the casting call for Season 5 claimed (hehe, claimed) that Rick and everyone will be going to Washington DC in Season 5. I saw this on TWD Wiki. Now, the whole saga of Ben/Billy, Gabriel Stokes and The Hunters took place in the comics during the journey to DC and we have seen a lot of similarities in the comics from Episode 9 of Season 4 where they even took actual scenes from the comics and acted them out. I think what will happen is that the second half of Season 4 is going to be about uniting our fellow survivors and watching them adapt and become more hardened. Season 5 Half 1 will involve the Lizzie/Mika story and The Hunters will be introduced then resolved. The Mid-Season finale will end with them at DC with Eugene (SPOILERS AHEAD) revealing his quest was all a lie. Then before the credits roll while Abraham is probably beating the crap out of Eugene, Aaron or another Alexandrian will approach them and tell them about the Safe Zone. That's how I think the Hunters will play out, not this season, but the next.