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  • TheRealTimeGerbil

    Hear me out. I don't think we will see the Hunters this Season. Ok, now the casting call for Season 5 claimed (hehe, claimed) that Rick and everyone will be going to Washington DC in Season 5. I saw this on TWD Wiki. Now, the whole saga of Ben/Billy, Gabriel Stokes and The Hunters took place in the comics during the journey to DC and we have seen a lot of similarities in the comics from Episode 9 of Season 4 where they even took actual scenes from the comics and acted them out. I think what will happen is that the second half of Season 4 is going to be about uniting our fellow survivors and watching them adapt and become more hardened. Season 5 Half 1 will involve the Lizzie/Mika story and The Hunters will be introduced then resolved. The …

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