Now, I almost loved the finale for Season 3. ALMOST.

Unlike some people here, I loved Season 3, I thought it was amazing. Only 1 or 2 episodes which I felt were just okay. This episode though, I felt like it would've been a fantastic second to last episode. There is still one big thread left open. 

Ol' Phil, he disappeared somewhere. Now, I know they won't just let the character disappear. Other than being so important a character for this ark there isn't much he can do if Woodbury is gone. Now my immediate guess is that they are saving him so he does a Merle and shows up in like Season 5, but this personally, was a bad way to deal with him.

He's too harmless now, I mean Rick is the one with the army now, Martinez and the greatest character in all of television history Shupert have nothing on Rick's group. The only reason we can fear him now is that he is completely batshit crazy, but with no giant support he is kinda doomed. This would've made a really interesting season finale, not what we got here. Rick's group doing a Governer and taking Woodbury down with their army. 

So where do you think he's gone, he isn't back at Woodbury from what we've seen (By the time Rick got there he would've gotten back if he wanted to go there) He's not gone to the prison seeing as everyone is fine and dandy there. He's just floated away from the plot. Personally,I think he's either going around seeing if he can go find people to recruit into his own personal milita to deal with the prison (Doubtful I know, just a stab in the dark) Or he's simply just gone to mad and has gone off to go 'survive or die' out in the wild.

What do you guys think?