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  • TheRageMage

    Now, I almost loved the finale for Season 3. ALMOST.

    Unlike some people here, I loved Season 3, I thought it was amazing. Only 1 or 2 episodes which I felt were just okay. This episode though, I felt like it would've been a fantastic second to last episode. There is still one big thread left open. 

    Ol' Phil, he disappeared somewhere. Now, I know they won't just let the character disappear. Other than being so important a character for this ark there isn't much he can do if Woodbury is gone. Now my immediate guess is that they are saving him so he does a Merle and shows up in like Season 5, but this personally, was a bad way to deal with him.

    He's too harmless now, I mean Rick is the one with the army now, Martinez and the greatest character i…

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