Vince, as we all know, is one of the more favored, if not favorite, of the 400 Days DLC protagonists. He reminds us of Lee in numerous cases, the most notable being that he is being sent to prison as the apocalypse ensues. His story involves choosing which person to trust and who to sacrifice, and his escape arts.

As we all know, Vince will go with Tavia only if he shoots Danny, who seemed to take on a more morally driven role in the story. However, what makes this confusing is the fact that he would be more open-minded to trusting strangers after being abandoned by Justin. Usually, when one is abandoned in the apocalypse, they become less trusting in strangers; for example, Wyatt, one of the other 400 Days protagonists, becomes less trusting if he left the car and is subsequently abandoned by his best friend, Eddie.

Another intriguing thing about Vince's thought process consists of the fact that if he chooses to save Danny over Justin, he will stubbornly refuse to come along with Tavia. He will even state that he learned from Danny that groups need to stick together in order to survive. However, even if the rest of his group (implied by the seeming leadership role he possessed) goes with her, he will remain at the camp, completely contradicting his previous statement. This leads me to question one of the most favored protagonists' thought process.

So, onto my question: do you think that this was merely a goof, or that Vince is fickle? Do you think that the writers want the players to question him, as Robert Kirkman often attempts to do with everything in this universe?