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Rick vs Lee - Who would win?

I once saw a post with this sort of title; it was asking whether Rick Grimes would win in a fight against Lee Everett.

Almost EVERYONE chose Rick, because the comic-series Rick has become more hardened and is used to the constant danger, being able to kill Lee with ease.

However, I found that people failed to realize that it was a bit of an unfair match the way they compared the two, given the fact that Lee has only gotten to 3 months and a few weeks into the apocalypse, whereas Rick lived through two years. It's a bit like one had more training than the other.

So, instead of doing the current Rick, I'd like to ask this question:

Which would win in a fight; Lee Everett, circa Episode 5 (minus the bite,) or Rick Grimes (same amount of time into the apocalypse as Lee, and actually awake?)

  • EDIT* I forgot that Rick was in a coma at the time when Lee and friends were dealing with Savannah and Crawford. ^^; But yes; an alert, awake Rick.

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