Dead - No longer alive, their brain has been destroyed/damaged.

Undead - Turned into a zombie and haven't been put down yet.

Alive - Still alive.

Unknown - The most commonly used status on the wiki (before the introduction of Presumed Dead,) used to describe those who were last seen alive but have an unconfirmed fate.

Presumed Dead - Albeit unconfirmed, is generally accepted to have died based on implications in the scenes of the cinematic.

These 5 statuses are what exist on the wiki as is (along with Determinant, which is pretty much a way to describe forked characters' statuses.) Notice how Presumed Dead has replaced several of the almost-in-the-hundreds Unknown statuses within a month of it's introduction. This is evidence that while not a crucial necessity, it would be good to add in a Presumed Undead status.

Yes, many of the wiki viewers have complained that Presumed Dead has made things more complex (despite the fact that it merely put in more clarification.) Those of you who are complaining of this, I ask that you take a moment to think to yourself: "Is it really that it's complex? Or is it that I just now can't just stamp something Unknown whenever I see something that looked like it died?" Prior to the addition of Presumed Dead, there had to have been almost, if not more than, 100 characters with the Unknown status. Now that number has dropped heavily with this pale-red status. While some of you may have complained that it was overcomplicating things, it really wasn't. It provides more clarity and interest on the characters, rather than just making them seem like they were just in there to fill any holes that the series might've had.

Another issue that people bring up is that the status is merely speculation. Is it really speculation to go along with implications of what the character was that was presented in the media they were presented in? I say hardly, if at all. Speculation is "duuuurr, maybe they..... or they.... and then got bitten by their Aunt Clarice when they finally made it to that place they were going." I hardly say that Vernon's Presumed Dead status is unnecessary, as it is implied by what the characters in 400 Days stated that he was indeed killed by the herd in Savannah. Kenny's status being Presumed Dead means that we saw him sacrifice himself, but never saw a body being torn to shreds, and therefore call it Presumed. It does not have to be speculation to mean Presumed, as presuming something can also simply mean that while unconfirmed, it is generally accepted.

Presumed Undead would simply mean that it is implied that the individual has turned because their brain was not destroyed when they are killed by another source. A fine example of this would be the recent death of Connor. We see his body on the ground outside the tower in Issue 113, and it is evident that his head is intact. Falling to your death does not mean you're safe from turning.

In short, I am in favor of there being a Presumed Undead status (but nothing further than that,) as it provides more clarity without going completely off-topic. I really hope that the admins will consider a P.U. status and I hope that everyone can enjoy their time here at the wiki as they look at gore and despair.