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  • TheMightierWolf

    Vince, as we all know, is one of the more favored, if not favorite, of the 400 Days DLC protagonists. He reminds us of Lee in numerous cases, the most notable being that he is being sent to prison as the apocalypse ensues. His story involves choosing which person to trust and who to sacrifice, and his escape arts.

    As we all know, Vince will go with Tavia only if he shoots Danny, who seemed to take on a more morally driven role in the story. However, what makes this confusing is the fact that he would be more open-minded to trusting strangers after being abandoned by Justin. Usually, when one is abandoned in the apocalypse, they become less trusting in strangers; for example, Wyatt, one of the other 400 Days protagonists, becomes less trusti…

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  • TheMightierWolf

    Attempting to play through the ongoing Social Game once again, I've noticed something fairly significant in the characters' statistics: that they're inconsistent. The most notable example was my edit for Daryl's page, in which his statistics changed drastically in two different missions.

    So, I am curious as to how many of us can (granted, you can't snag the playable characters again to replay the mission if you've already done it) figure out the different statistics each character has when faced with different missions. If any of you who do not play the Social Game are reading this, it would be appreciated if you could try and play through to learn different characters' statistics.

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  • TheMightierWolf


    Dead - No longer alive, their brain has been destroyed/damaged.

    Undead - Turned into a zombie and haven't been put down yet.

    Alive - Still alive.

    Unknown - The most commonly used status on the wiki (before the introduction of Presumed Dead,) used to describe those who were last seen alive but have an unconfirmed fate.

    Presumed Dead - Albeit unconfirmed, is generally accepted to have died based on implications in the scenes of the cinematic.

    These 5 statuses are what exist on the wiki as is (along with Determinant, which is pretty much a way to describe forked characters' statuses.) Notice how Presumed Dead has replaced several of the almost-in-the-hundreds Unknown statuses within a month of it'…

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  • TheMightierWolf

    I once saw a post with this sort of title; it was asking whether Rick Grimes would win in a fight against Lee Everett.

    Almost EVERYONE chose Rick, because the comic-series Rick has become more hardened and is used to the constant danger, being able to kill Lee with ease.

    However, I found that people failed to realize that it was a bit of an unfair match the way they compared the two, given the fact that Lee has only gotten to 3 months and a few weeks into the apocalypse, whereas Rick lived through two years. It's a bit like one had more training than the other.

    So, instead of doing the current Rick, I'd like to ask this question:

    Which would win in a fight; Lee Everett, circa Episode 5 (minus the bite,) or Rick Grimes (same amount of time into…

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  • TheMightierWolf

    Greetings, fellow fans. Finishing Season 1 of the video game, Lee is now dead/undead. This leaves Clementine as the only known survivor left. Now, there's one question that remains: who will we be playing as in Season 2? Will it be a different group and story, or will we be with another character in the same group?

    Personally, I doubt that TellTale would just leave Clem on her own without us knowing she'll be alright. They'll likely stay true to The Walking Dead spirit, and continue to revolve around the same group. As for the character change, I'm more than certain that Clementine will serve as the new protagonist, perhaps another year older.

    My backup for this? All those events throughout Episodes 1-5 are doubtlessly going to have a toll o…

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