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Woodbury Casulties

In Made to Suffer, a few Woodbury citizens lost their lives. I made this blog so we can keep track of how many die each episode.

Warren: accompanied Merle to get Glenn and Maggie, stabbed in the throat by Maggie

Unamed Wall Guard in Black Tank Top with Flashlight: Spots Rick and shouts "There they are!", then shot by Rick and falls off the wall.

Unamed Wall Guard with Grey Hair and AK47: Shoots at Daryl, only to be shot back and killed.

Unamed Wall Guard with no Known Features: Opens fire on the group, gunned down by Rick and falls over.

Unamed Guard with National Guardsman Cap behind the Trash Can next to Merle: Fires at the group when they are pinned down, shot by Daryl and falls over.

"Shane Walsh": Kills Oscar (god rest his soul) with a single shotgun shot, then shot in the face by Rick.

So overall, 6 guards were killed in Made to Suffer.

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