It's been confirmed by Scott Gimple that a new character named Zack from Woodbury, played by Kyle Gallner, is joining the cast of Season 4. It's mentioned his character will be in a romantic relationship with someone from the Prison, possibly the first chance of Beth getting a storyline?

Zack can be seen in the trailer wielding a shotgun beside the group when they embark on a supply run to Big Spot. But judging by the scream Bob hears, and later footage of Glenn and Bob freaking out in the store, it's likely that Zack gets brutally killed there or possibly some other redshirt that we didn't get a look at in the trailer.

Personally I think it's really dumb how they are introducing all these new characters that look like they should have been drafted into the Governor's army, I mean come on he wanted a wimpy boy with ashmta why the hell wouldn't he recruit Zack?! Maybe he's the sabetour in the Prison screwing everyone over, THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST :D

Anyways, share your thoughts below on what to expect from this new character.