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Season 4- Minor Character Castings

I have discovered that several new castings, as well as updates to previously announced castings.

Randy Gonzalez will appear as a "camp survivor" in episodes "Dead Weight" and "Too Far Gone". I believe he belongs to the camp that was mentioned to be outside the Prison in the synopsis for "Dead Weight". This camp is also likely where we will meet Juliana Harkavy and Enver Gjokaj's characters as well.

Scott Dale will play a minor character named "Lou" in "4x12", which is also set to be the first appearance of "Tony", played by Davi Jay. Tony is also slated to make appearances in 4x13, 4x15, and the finale.

When Tony's casting was announced, everyone was too soon to scream redshirt, but I assume his character is going to be of a much larger importance. Hunter? Terminus scout?

And finally Marcus Hester has joined the show in a completely unknown role, appearing in "4x15".

Anyways, sound off below on who you think these new characters are and what roles they may or may play. Thanks :P





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