Found this while checking out the IMDb boards for The Walking Dead. Probably fanmade, but I found it interesting enough to post on here. Thoughts?

Episode 3×12 – “Good As Dead”
Synopsis: Rick finds his lost friend and is forced to make a decision that can risk his life. Andrea suspects even more of the Governor’s plans.

Episode 3×13 – “Aftermath”
Synopsis: After making a hard decision, Rick returns to the prison and somebody’s missing. The Governor plans his final strike.

Episode 3×14 – “This Is War”
Synopsis: The Governor attacks the prison, and a great battle begins. Rick is severely injured. Daryl makes a decision.

Episode 3×15 – “This Sorrowful Life”
Synopsis: Rick is betrayed. Andrea and Michonne reunite. The Governor confronts Rick and Glenn to know where Andrea is.

Episode 3×16 – “Revenge”
Synopsis: Rick escapes with Martinez and discovers someone in the group is cheating on them. Somebody comitts suicide and Rick blames Tyreese for it.