-Matthew Austin Murray's email

Mr. Porrey,  I can identify the names of the other Stuntmen and forward your email to them but I do not feel comfortable giving out their information. I hope you understand. In episode 303 I played ND Stunt National Guard #2, the guy with the beard who was shot and fell off the back of the trailer, the other stuntmen involved were Bob Fisher, Troy Faruk, Philip Dido and Scott Dale. The actor who played the role of Corporal was Gary Weeks and National Guardsman #1 was Dwayne Boyd. I also played one of the Riot Robo Walkers (a photo of me as that Zombie went viral on facebook) in episode 301 and played a bridge walker in episode 310. I do not recall the names on our Uniforms but if you contact the Costume Designer, Eulyn Womble, she should have access to production costume photos and can get that information. I hope this is of some help and I will forward your email to those who I am in contact with. Sincerely,

Matthew Austin Murray
--"Destiny is determined, Fate... Ain't"

-Scott Dale's email

Yes, I played the NG Humvee Gunner. My uniform jacket had a name but they took it off me and I only wore the flak jacket.Thx,Scott 

-Bob Fisher's email: (updated)

My name is Bob Fisher,
Matt Murray forwarded me your email about identifying the national guardsman who got ambushed.
I was shot in the chest against the humvee, and again shot in the back by the governor as the wounded soldier trying to run away at the end of ambush.

-Troy Faruk played Sean, and we will have to contact Philip Dido and the Costume Designer Eulyn Womble in order to find out the character names.