Just to clarify with all the blogs, there was NEVER an interview with Juan Pareja confirming Morales would be returning to The Walking Dead.

Blakeman224, DixonBros321, and Rickgrimes701 are all the same user trying to fool us. All three usernames have a character's name and are followed by three numbers. Two of the accounts were just created today and the other one has only been around for a month. Do you really think two users that just had accounts would be the first to break this big of news? And without a source or link to back it up? Exactly what you are thinking no way in hell!!

Also two of the titles are too similar to be mistaken "Well, Morales Is Coming Back, Can You Believe It" and "Holy S*** Morales is Coming Back". And also to the admins reading this, delete the three blogs and ban all three users for insulting our intelligence and trying to fool users. Thanks!

(To all three accounts, in the future cover your tracks better and don't think this wikia is dumb enough to believe your bullshit.)