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  • TheLethalWeapon

    I have discovered that several new castings, as well as updates to previously announced castings.

    Randy Gonzalez will appear as a "camp survivor" in episodes "Dead Weight" and "Too Far Gone". I believe he belongs to the camp that was mentioned to be outside the Prison in the synopsis for "Dead Weight". This camp is also likely where we will meet Juliana Harkavy and Enver Gjokaj's characters as well.

    Scott Dale will play a minor character named "Lou" in "4x12", which is also set to be the first appearance of "Tony", played by Davi Jay. Tony is also slated to make appearances in 4x13, 4x15, and the finale.

    When Tony's casting was announced, everyone was too soon to scream redshirt, but I assume his character is going to be of a much larger importance. Hunt…

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  • TheLethalWeapon

    I've noticed that Zack's page has been renamed "Zach" for some odd reason. I mean come on people, we've had one episode and we're already dealing with another Shupert/Shumpert situation?

    In the Making of Video, it states his character's name is spelt "Zack" not the other way around. Also for all of AMC's closed captions on the videos, they read "Zack".


    Although the AMC website credits him as "Zach", they also misspelt Victor McCay and Kyla Kennedy's names as well.

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  • TheLethalWeapon

    It appears the rumors were true, Rosita will indeed be making an appearance this season of the Walking Dead, played by actress Christian Serratos. Christian's contract has her placed as a recurring with an option to become a regular in Season 5.

    If they would even consider adding Rosita to the main cast, I'd say atleast two-three regulars will be getting killed off this season. It's also very likely Abraham will become a regular next season as well.

    It's also very likely we will be getting a casting update on the other members of her group shortly. (Abraham?) (Eugene?)

    Who would you guys like to see cast as Abraham and Eugene? Personally I dont care about Eugene but I'd like to see somebody say Thomas Jane wouldn't make a damn good Abe..

    Source: htt…

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  • TheLethalWeapon

    New Castings!

    September 13, 2013 by TheLethalWeapon

    Sunkrish Bala will play the character, Dr. Subramanian, who was glimpsed in the extended trailer as the Indian male with the clipboard in his lap. If I were to take a guess, I'd say he was apart of Zack's college group that stumbled onto the Prison.

    Sherry Richards will appear as a recurring co-star named Jeanette. At this point I've found nothing else about her character.

    I have also learned that Enver Gjokaj will be making an appearance in the 7th episode "Dead Weight". It's very likely he will be playing either Patrick or Mack, and will be aligned with the Governor. Martinez will also appear in this episode.



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  • TheLethalWeapon

    I discovered a new character named Julio is credited on IMDb for Episodes 4 and 8 of the upcoming Season 4. Normally I would discredit this information since it's coming from IMDb, but since the role is also listed on the actor's IMDb Resume and the actor's personal Twitter feed, I think it's safe to assume it's legit.

    According to his twitter feed, he was filming an episode of the Walking Dead as recent as yesterday, and has expressed an interest in appearing in more episodes this Season.

    In regards to his role and character, all we can infer is that his character is some form of mechanic, based on the following tweet "I'm ready to get back on the set for The Walking Dead! Very Blessed to be on 2 episodes.LONG LIVE JULIO! The need to keep th…

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