Robert Kirkman and Skybound have announced a number of upcoming Walking Dead-related news bits that we thought readers would be interested in, including a new website portal for The Walking Dead, an upcoming zombie bank bust, and a price drop on The Walking Dead: Assault game:

www.TheWalkingDead.com Website Launch: “Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead, and Skybound, his imprint at Image Comics, announce their new website devoted to all things The Walking Dead at TheWalkingDead.com. TheWalkingDead.com debuts Sunday, February 10, just in time for the return of AMC’s top-rated television series, The Walking Dead, where Kirkman is an Executive Producer and writer. The series is based upon his Eisner Award-winning comic book series and graphic novels, the #1 original graphic novels for 2011 and 2012. Now fans of The Walking Dead universe can find all the information for all platforms of the record-breaking The Walking Dead in one place.

The new TheWalkingDead.com site will feature news on The Walking Dead, contests available only on the site and some shared content with our partners on games, books, apps and more. The site will feature the ultimate The Walking Dead wikis, recaps of the hit show,plus exclusive merchandise. TheWalkingDead.com will not only cover the comics and graphic novels, but also the show, the games, and live events like The Walking Dead Escape. Be the first person to hear what’s new, exciting and cutting edge in the world of The Walking Dead by making daily visits to TheWalkingDead.com, the best destination online for fans of The Walking Dead in all its incarnations.”

The Walking Dead: Assault Price Drop: “Skybound and Skybound Asia, in collaboration with UK-mobile game developer, Gamagio, introduced The Walking Dead: Assault in November, 2012 and fans quickly made it  #2 on the iTunes Top Paid Apps Chart upon its release. Now you can enjoy the game for only 99¢ and see why fans of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead have become fans of The Walking Dead: Assault iOS Game. The price drop is only available for a limited time and will begin on Sunday, February 10th, just in time to prepare for the return of the Season 3 for AMC’s ratings juggernaut, The Walking Dead, where Kirkman serves as Executive Producer and writer. In December, Skybound Asia/Gamagio introduced The Walking Dead: Assault iOS Game Update Version 1.1,incorporating your suggestions and adding their own improvements including the addition of the character Michonne, the fan favorite badass from Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic book series.

The Walking Dead: Assault iOS Game can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store to an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The price drop applies to the updated version, which includes an alternative control scheme so players can double-tap for team movement and hold for a single member move. This option is found in the settings icon on the title screen. There are indicators on the chapter selection screen to keep track of your progress and show if bonus objectives are completed. The audio and visual upgrades have audio enhancements for iPad2, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 to hear a greater variety of zombie sound effects and provide clearer feedback when knocking out a human opponent and the upgraded rewards and achievements  remain for completing the game on Hard and Brutal difficulty levels.

For more information or support, visit thewalkingdeadassault.com or @playwalkingdead ”

Michonne’s Pet Bank Bust: “Be the first to see The Walking Dead‘s Michonne’s Pet Bank this Sunday, February 10 at the New York Toy Fair. The Diamond Select Release introduces the latest addition to its
zombie horde of walker merchandise in conjunction with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image Comics. The bank will be available this summer but now, you can catch a preview of the bank this weekend. The bank is based upon Michonne’s chained and armless and jawless walkers who protected her until she met up with Rick Grimes in creator/writer Kirkman’s Eisner Award-winning comic book series and graphic novels. Michonne’s pets protected her from walkers so it can surely keep your coins safe from intruders. The zombie bust measures 8″ tall atop the famous The Walking Dead logo and is crafted in durable vinyl with a slot in the back for change. The Walking Dead‘s Michonne’s Pet Bank features detailed sculpting and paint applications, making it not just a cool bank, but an amazing bust of zombie art. The bank will be available this summer at your favorite comic book store and other retailers with a MSRP of $22.99.”