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  • TheJuggernautZombie

    Ok so I've been glued to the show since it started, and have started to read the comics online since issue 100. I started to enjoy them to the point that I felt very cheated by reading them online, so I popped my cherry with issue 108. After reading, i went and picked up the "Something to Fear"  arc to date and now I have a few questions for those of you that are into comics. I'm into these for the reading, but also for the collectible factor. What can I do to ensure they don't deteriorate over time? Where can I get previous issues? Should I try to get the previous issues in first print? I'm nearly 30 years old and this is the first comic I've ever bought lol. Didn't have those luxuries in rural Alaska when I was growing up. Any input on m…

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  • TheJuggernautZombie

    So like a junkie trying to get their fix, I jumped over to www.thewalkingdead.com to see if it was up and sure enough, it was! From what I can tell thus far, it looks amazing. To those that run this wiki, perhaps think about trying to hook up with the folks that run that site and try to set this wiki up as like an official "go to" for any info about TWD. If we could get linked up with them somehow, I think it would bring us a lot more exposure for the masses. Just a thought.

    Enjoy the return tonight.


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  • TheJuggernautZombie

    Robert Kirkman and Skybound have announced a number of upcoming Walking Dead-related news bits that we thought readers would be interested in, including a new website portal for The Walking Dead, an upcoming zombie bank bust, and a price drop on The Walking Dead: Assault game:

    www.TheWalkingDead.com Website Launch: “Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead, and Skybound, his imprint at Image Comics, announce their new website devoted to all things The Walking Dead at TheWalkingDead.com. TheWalkingDead.com debuts Sunday, February 10, just in time for the return of AMC’s top-rated television series, The Walking Dead, where Kirkman is an Executive Producer and writer. The series is based upon his Eisner Award-winning comic book s…

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  • TheJuggernautZombie

    We wanted to remind readers that AMC has two marathons planned to let people catch up on The Walking Dead before the Season 3 return next weekend. We’ve also included air dates for the upcoming black & white episodes that we reported on previously.

    The Season 1 marathon starts tonight with Days Gone Bye at 3pm/2c and all six episodes will play in order twice until Monday morning at around 4:30am. In between the episodes, preview videos from episode 3.09 are expected. Next weekend, AMC will air all Season 2 episodes and the first eight Season 3 episodes, leading up to the new episode of The Walking Dead Season 3.

    Don’t forget that AMC also plans to air black & white versions of the first two seasons, starting this month. We’re still waiting o…

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  • TheJuggernautZombie

    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was set for release on March 26th, but the release date is now one week earlier for most platforms. Both Gamestop and Amazon are showing a March 19th release date for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, while a Wii U version is still planned for March 26th. No reason has been officially given for the date change, but we expect it has to do with BioShock Infinite being released on the 26th.

    If you’re planning on pre-ordering the game and are interested in bonus items, there are two exclusive offerings currently available in North America. Amazon.com is offering the Walker Execution Pack, which includes exclusive weapons: a survival knife, kukri, combat axe, machete, and an advanced machete…

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