Hello, fellow wikia reader, editor or anom too lazy to create an account. I'm The Grim Who Botches Edits™ and I decided to make a blog post telling my thoughts on Season 3 and my predictions on Season 4. It's not like we didn't had some 9001 blogs about this crap already, but any-other-how, I'm going to do this anyway. Why posting a Season 3 thoughts now? Because it's kinda of a prelude to my predictions to Season 4, that's why. If you decide to actually read this until the end, I appreciate and I owe you a chocolate bar. Now buckle up and ignore my stupid foreign grammar mistakes.

Season 3 Feelings - You gotta feel it

Just like any other The Walking Dead comics fan, I was super hyper mega excited about Season 3. Jizzing all over myself when the official poster and trailer came out and all... I was actually shaking in hapiness when the first second of the season premiere started rolling on my television screen. And... I was totally disappointed and mad when the season finale faded out on that goddamn same screen. What the hell hapenned? I'll tell you what hapenned. (or at least what I think hapenned)

Season 3 had everything to be the best season so far, Glen Mazzara did a great job in putting the prison arc on screen, and bringing The Governor to life. Yes, I enjoyed this Governor. A lot. TV Governor is awesome, even though I prefer the brutality of the comic series one. Anyway, if he did a great job... I ask again, what hapenned?

Rush hapenned, fellow reader. He rushed the entire prison arc into one freaking season. Probably he was too scared of not living enough as the head of the show, just like it actually hapenned, so he just decided to put all the SIX volumes into 16 episodes. Wait a second, wait a second... You telling me that they were able to put Volume 1 into 6 episodes, Volume 2 into 13 (I think) episodes, but were unable to correctly separate 6 volumes into 2 seasons? I hear a lot of people speculating that Season 4 will end up with the trip to D.C. and whatever, and in other news... I hear that AMC is planning to do A LOT of seasons for this series. So why are they rushing so much? I think I know why: Glen fucked up.

Glen fucked up trying to put every single important event of the prison/Woodbury arc into just one season, it was just too much stuff to happen. There was a lack of character development, which The Walking Dead is all about, and the zombies... They looked like meat puppets. It was so easy to kill a zombie in Season 3... I think even skinny non-experienced Beth killed some zombies. Glen tried to get all the attention to this season, when he could've just simply be patient. I sincerely think that The Governor should've been introduced only in Season 4. Yes, I do. What? Leaving the entire third season just with internal conflicts between the prison group? And cleaning up the prison? Hey, they were able to do that with Hershel's Farm, why not doing it with the prison. There's so much content from the comics they could've used and were just some minor 3 seconds references... It's absurd.

Or if they really had the need to bring The Governor up this early, at least they should've brought him in the midseason finale. Letting the whole "should I stay or should I go" Woodbury thing for the rest of the season, and ending it with the cliffhanger of The Governor becoming one big sick son of a bitch thirtsty to kill our beloved characters that we all fear. You don't like it? You seriously think that the whole 5 episodes giving hype to an epic war that lasted 4 minutes or less with no casualities (except for the random Woodbury Survivor 897534 that simply showed up from nowhere, since we never actually saw his freaking face in Woodbury the whole season, and in the end was shot by Carl)? You are really saying that The Governor simply saying "oh well fuck this shit" and shooting 22 people down to the ground with just one magazine of his gun, which is totally bizarre, was the big event that you were waiting for in the finale? You are seriously lying to me and to yourself if you say that you weren't even a little disappointed with that ending.

No cliffhanger, no major death. OH YEAH, we had Andrea dying for nothing. After screwing her character time and time again, and making everybody hate her, Glen simply decided to kill one of the most important member of the group. Brilliant, just brilliant. Seriously, if you have any knowledge in writing, even if it's little, you'll notice that he simply killed her because he fucked up with her role in the story. In the end... Season 3 of The Walking Dead had a boring ending and left me not even a little hyped to see the next season. Actually, I was so disappointed that I stopped talking about TWD. It's not like anyone can do anything now, only a reboot could save this season. But oh, I would pay a high price to erase my memory and go back to the good old Season 2 days.

Season 4 Predictions - The worst is yet to come (or not)

YEAH, WE JUST REACHED OUR PREDICTION POST OF NUMBER! CONGRATULATIONS! No, seriously now. I have this feeling about whatever hapenned in that Season 4 trailer that caught my attention. I wasn't putting any hope at all in Scott M. Gimple (That's the name? I dunno) being the new boss. But deep down inside, there is that strange feeling of hope...

I read some interviews with him and something was pretty clear right away: He's doing what Mazzara didn't do. He's trying to bring in content from the comics to the show. No, I mean, REAL content. Not that small mention thing Mazzara did, not killing 2 and a half of the prisoners in one episode even though they could've been a much bigger threat alive (and then killing the other two in such random ways... In the end, the only one that caused an impact was Andrew). Now I have this little voice inside my head telling me more or less what's going to happen, and I'm fascinated that I haven't seen no one so far with this theory. If there is someone with this theory, sorry if I didn't spot your comment, but as I said above... Mazzara killed my love for TWD.

Before Season 3 ended being the disappointment that it was, there was this thing running through the web saying that the group would be betrayed by someone from inside right at the beginning of the season. People started speculating, of course. A lot of absurd stuff came up, like Daryl or Glenn being the traitor, oh jeez. After that bizarre finale, it's kind of clear that the betrayer it's someone from Woodbury.

...Or is it? As we all could see from the trailer, shit happend at the prison. Some zombies yummy yummy for meat break-in, they probably kill 90% of the Woodbury survivors, leaving only the ones that actually will have some small (or big?) role. And then, they find out that someone is feeding zombies from inside, making them pile up at the fence. It's obvious what we've got here. Get it? No? How about now? Now you get it? What did this guy do? Oh yeah, you know.

Then, we have a shot of Tyreese completely shocked after finding something. What could that be? Someone he loves is probably dead right before his eyes. Maybe a pretty girl? Maybe she was... I don't know... DECAPITATED?

If you are a comic reader, you probably know what I'm talking about right now. If you're not... Well... Go read the comics, you lazy bastard. I'm bringing this up because Scott M. Gimple already said that he wants to bring everything he's able to bring from the comics to the TV Series. In other words... He's trying to fix Mazzara's mistakes. It's very possible that the whole "the prison is not safe anymore" is just to make us think that they are leaving the prison. I don't actually believe that they are leaving the prison so early into the series. But I won't be surprised if they actually rush the story again, words on the streets 'yo' are saying that we'll see Abraham this Season, and Morgan, and the road to Washington, and The Hunters, whaaaaat? Already? There's a lot of content to be worked on that prison.

But even though, I'll be kinda glad to see them leaving, if they actually do leave. This prison just brings me the bad memories from Season 3. I just want to forget this season existed, just like Season 3 from Dexter.

In other notes, we already know other stuff that they are bringing in, Tyreese and Rick beating the shit out of each other, some strange group living in the surrounding areas (heard at the end of the trailer), and Bob Stookey. What the hell are you doing at the prison, Bob? Go home, Bob, you're drunk (get it?). By the way they are "selling" out the TV Series Bob, I strongly believe that he has something to do with the misterious troll at the prison. And the mistery of The Governor... What kind of whatever role he will have this Season? I can't make anything up in my mind, so I guess I'll just wait to watch it.

To finish this long ass boring blog: Brothers and sisters, let's pray for Scott, pray that he will be able to undo the fuck ups Mazzara commited. We can't erase those mistakes, but at least we can cover them up in our memories with the work of awesome writing and decent production. Amen. And this was The Grim Thoughts NUMBAH ONE, maybe I'll make a series of these, maybe I won't. Please, give your sincere opinions on whatever the hell I just said here, and thanks again if you actually made it this far. I owe you a chocolate bar, seriously.