Hello, fellow wikia readers. The Grim Who Botches Some Mofo Edits Because He Is A Freaking Arsehole is here again with yet another rare edition of this blog series that you didn't even know existed.

This time, I decided to share my thoughts on the Top 10 Best Episodes of The Walking Dead TV Series. I was wondering about making a Top 10 Season 4 Episodes, and even started to separate a list of them, but I think what's trending currently is the "Top 10 all episodes hurr durrr".

I'm writing this list without analyzing the episodes list, I'll do it just by remembering episodes and yadda yadda. If something doesn't seem right, it's possibly because I messed up and decided to go back on decision X (for example) and forgot that it's incoerent with decision Y. I don't think you understand what I've just said, but screw that.

And just to make sure you, fellow reader, actually understands this: These are MY picks for the Top 10 Episodes, if you have anything against my choices, just comment below. No need to go mad on me because I think The Suicide King is one of the best episodes in the series (jk). So enough of blah blah and let's get to the HUE HUE.

10. Guts

What I liked about Darabont is that he was a details guy. I'm a person who loves details, that's why I loved Season 1, even though it had a shitty season finale. Everything in this episode was perfect, since Rick getting out of the tank he was trapped in to his plan to escape Atlanta. We also got to see for the first time ever the TV adaptation to some of the characters we love so much from the comics. I also would like to point out we got to meet Merle, one of my favorite characters.

9. Walk With Me

The only time the TV adaptation Woodbury seemed like a good thing. In this episode, we are introduced to The Governor and his people. We get to see Woodbury for the first time and also: the return of Merle! I have to admit that everything that hapenned in this episode really got me pumped up, specially the ending. Too bad Woodbury turned out to be that horrible thing we had to endure through Season 3.

8. Pretty Much Dead Already

One of the most heartbreaking episodes in the entire series. Here, we notice how the situation is getting worse between the Atlanta Survivors and the Greenes. Once again, I read the spoilers and I already knew what was going to happen, but the ending of the episode still had me in tears. We also got some good interaction between Shane and Dale, a feud that could've been promising if Dale's actor hadn't asked to be fired.

7. The Grove

Talking about heartbreaking, another episode that made everyone cry like babies. As if Carol hadn't had enough problems with blonde little girls, she has to deal with maniac Lizzie killing her own younger sister. Is there anything to comment here? What did we learn from this episode? That Tyreese realized white people are crazy.

6. Beside the Dying Fire

Probably the only decent season finale from the series. Sorry to say that, fanboys, but it's true. TS-19 was strange as freak, "A" was decent, but didn't look like a season finale at all, and then we have Welcome To The Tombs... Geez... That episode...

But the glorious Season 2 finale had everything I wanted to see. A closing on the farm arc (at last), lots of action, new starts for new arcs, Rick becoming a dictator and the first view of the prison. The episode had everything a season finale needs to have and so far, as I said, was the only season finale that actually looked like a finale.

5. Too Far Gone

The episode that made every comic book fan celebrate while the TV only fans dropped to the floor crying like babies. This was the closest adaptation from the comics since Days Gone Bye, and that was one of the things that made this episode so special.

The other thing is that this episode is when the OFFICIAL war between The Governor and Rick happens, not all that bullcrap that hapenned during Season 3. The episode couldn't be better, the only bad thing is how when shooting zombies, everyone is a Max Payne, but when shooting people, everyone becomes a Stormtrooper. And there weren't as many casualities for the prison group as there was in the comics, but it was good anyway.

4. Clear

Also known as "The Morgan's actor kicking some ass episode." In this episode, we follow Rick and Carl as they return to their hometown to look for some weapons at the police station where Rick used to work at in hopes it could help them in their stupid war. How can I describe how this episode made me feel? I don't know if this exists in other countries... But here where I live, people sell these "sweet pop corns." They are horrible, because most of them are "wilted" and not sweet at all. But sometimes, between those bad pop corns that make you vomit, there is one awesome cold sweet delicious pop corn, a single one in the entire package. That's what this episode felt like in Season 3. The good sweet pop corn.

I was expecting a lot from this episode before it aired because I read spoilers, but when I actually watched it, I was extremely surprised... It was A LOT better than I thought it would be. Mr. Gimple done an excelent job, the character development was well done, Lennie James proved that he can be an extraordinary addition to The Walking Dead's cast and, of course, we had the good old zombies kill kill yadda yadda. This episode also marks the official start of Michonne's friendship with the Grimes family. The only bad thing about this episode is how they screwed up on explaining what really hapenned to Duane after all.

Some may say that people still edit war on Duane's status until nowadays.

3. Internment

Also known as "The Hershel kicking some ass episode." This episode was perfect in every way, we had a lot of Hershel doing stuff and lots of intense moments with a perfect heartwarming ending and also an intense introduction to the next arc. The "flu" story wasn't one of my favorites, but it sure as hell had one of the best endings of an arc so far in the entire series.

The soundtrack gave me chills, the scenes involving Glenn almost choking to death made me jump from my seat, the action scenes were well done and of course: A lot of Hershel. The only two complaints I have to do about this episode are the following - We were never shown how the survivors managed to fix the fences after the zambies broke in and what the hell was that blonde lady's death scene? It didn't seem reasonable at all.

2. Days Gone Bye

We never forget our first time, it's always the most exciting one. Yes, I'm talking about the pilot episode. Do you remember the first time you watched The Walking Dead? Was it the pilot episode? Because if it was, I can guarantee that it was this episode that made you think: "Oh my Odin, I think this series is actually going to kick some asses!"

Days Gone Bye is still my second favorite episode of The Walking Dead ever. It gave me so many feels, it was intense, sad, brutal and awesome. This was my very first experience with The Walking Dead's Universe and it was what kept me going so far into the series. That's all I have to say.

Honorable Mentions

- Vatos

- Killer Within

- Dead Weight

- After

- Nebraska

- 18 Miles Out

1. Better Angels

You didn't see this one coming, did you? Yes. In my opinion, Better Angels is, until this date, the best episode in The Walking Dead TV Series. First of all, the best thing they could've done in the series was to make Shane outlive the Atlanta Camp arc. He is one of my favorite characters and if you don't believe it, you can even check my profile page, Shane is part of my Fave Five. Even though we had that strange Randall arc crap, the final scenes between Shane and Rick were one of my favorites. In this episode, we follow Shane as he realizes him and Lori will never be together again as long as Rick lives, so he snaps and tries to battle his best friend.

This episode had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end, mainly because I already knew Shane was going to die, I only didn't know how it would happen. His final interactions with every single character were fantastic, it was the perfect way to end this character. Not to mention the first time we see someone reanimating without being bitten.


So, this was my Top 10 The Walking Dead episodes, comment below what do you think about it, if you agree or disagree in something, and even leave your personal list if you feel like doing so. Now I'm going to shut my mouth and go back into my hole, see you guys next year in the next The Grim Thoughts.