Ok, I can't be the only one that have been noticing the constant wave of extremely nonsense blog posts that habe been around this wiki for a pretty long time by now. Some of them are so pointless that you can barely hold yourself to comment how bad it is, and I don't know about you guys, but I get pretty sick with this kind of pollution on the wiki.

So, this blog post is more of a suggestion to the WD wikia's administration team. Since the search of blog posts in the wikia.com is pretty bad, sometimes it gets bad when you see a nice blog post full of interesting opinions, you leave your opinions there, 4 hours later that blog post disappears because random people created random blog posts about predictions and predicitons and fake predictions and more predicitions and HEY, FINALLY AN INTERESTING BLOG POST WITH CONSTRUCTIVE STUFF... Oh no, there it goes again. Disappeared because of more useless blog posts.

Then why not blocking the creation of blog posts, making it avaiable only to administrators? It seems radical and dictator stuff, but come to think with me: Wouldn't it be much more organized? Only adms can create blog posts, there will not be anymore thousands of blog posts about the same stuff, there would be only ONE blog post for people to post their speculations, every time huge news and reports about the series or the comics come out, a blog post is created. But HUGE and IMPORTANT news, not news like "UNNAMED WOODBURY GUARD 345'S ACTOR IS ARRESTED." There would also be one blog post about each issue or episode, that would be created at least one week before the release. We can post our speculations there, and after the episode airs or the issue is released, we can post our opinions about what transpired. All in one blog post. No more blog post spamming.

BUT DIS IZ SO STUPIDZ WE UZERS CANT DO MOAR BLAG PAWSTS I FOUND VOLUME 19 COVERZ AND I CANT POST IT BCUZ OF U GRIM U JERK111 Calm down there, young fella. This wouldn't mean we are totally deleted from this situation. The admins have their talk pages and we can always post some useful info we found around the world wide web and are needed to have a post about it so others can see. The admin who receives the stuff would analize if it is indeed important to have a blog post about it and then he would decide what to do, not forgetting to give credits to the user that found the info, in case the blog post is indeed created.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I had to say, you are a hero if you read until this point. The spam of blog posts will never stop until this is done, and you know it. The admins can do whatever they want to do with this info. I don't think this change will ever happen, but I have faith and a vision of an organized Walking Dead Wikia.

Also comment if you agree with me, user that had balls to read until the end. And english is not my main language, no need to rub gramatical mistakes on my face.

The Grim Botches Edits (talk) 03:55, May 13, 2013 (UTC)