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"The fuck are you looking at, bitch? Don't act like you didn't love every second of it--"

Who is Carver? :/

Nothing is known about Carver's life before the outbreak began. Alls that is known is that he was a group leader post-apocalypse with Luke, Peter Joseph Randall, Sarah, Carlos, Alvin, Rebecca and Nick. His main recruits are Troy, Reggie and Johnny and possibly Tavia. It is possible that Johnny is the Radio Survivor due to sharing the same voice actor.

AHD Carver Night

March 4th

Carver has killed fat man Walter! I don't even care because Walter killed Nick and Nick is a good man! Thank you for letting him live through "In Harm's Way! Carver has a Colt Python?! So he's basiclly a sheriff lol. Also it turns out Troy's model was a Placeholder for Carver's so thank god for not making Carver look ugly as he is lol!!!!

May 13th

Oh no!!!! Kenny killed Carver! Why, Kenny? Why? Are you there? Why did you do it? WHY????????????? Carver has beat the shit out of Kenny. I don't know who to side with! They're both good people (or were because Carver's dead now :() but still they've both done horrible things but they've both killed horrible people. (Kenny killed Larry and Carver killed Walter) I feel sorry for his men Johnny and Troy (Mostly Johnny because Troy was a fuckin' asshole).

IHW Carver Death

May 23rd

I named my YouTube channel William Carver in honour of him. It's so top secret I won't share the link! My first video I made on it is getting views fast. My second one isn't. I am also yet to upload a third video, parently I don't want to. I am also yet to change my William Carver pic to a gold one.

May 24th

I was testing out my William Carver channel. Apparently someone fell for it. Lol wutt. I am yet to see if more people will fall for it. Apparently I need around 10 member to do so.