Hi guys, me again. This time I've actually got a more interesting question for you all. If you were the showrunner of The Walking Dead and you were given an unlimited casting budget; which three actors/actresses would you first ask to appear in the show?

Would they be original characters or comic adaptations? Guests, recurring or regulars? And most impotantly, why?

My choices:

3. Jonathan Banks as Douglas Monroe- He is an amazing actor and he looks just like Douglas in the comics. I feel that he would bring something new to the show and would be a brilliant character, possibly even a fan favourite. Not to mention the fact that he lookes exactly like Douglas. It might even get a few Breaking Bad fans to give the show a chance.

2. Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus- Also an amazing actor and I feel that he could really pull off the mysterious yet friendly character of Jesus. He is one of the only actors I would trust to bring such an interesting character to life in the right way. Of course Jesus would have to be a regular like his comic counterpart. I honest believe that Cusick as Jesus could possibly oust Daryl Dixon as King Cash-Cow.

1. Chloë Moretz as an original character- Some of you guys might slam me for going for a Hollywood actress as my number one choice but hear me out for a second. Moretz is one of the most critically acclaimed young actresses of recent times and it seems to me that the show is lacking in female badasses, which are the roles she nearly always plays. I think that she could really add a new element to the show, especially if she were a regular. (It's a shame that unlike my other two suggestions, this could never actually happen.)

Anyways, those are my thoughts, so now let's hear yours!